Complete area rug buying guide

An area rug is worth buying because it is artistic, durable, and easy to clean. Area rugs are also static resistant and comfortable, so kids can stay cozy in the winter without worrying about static shock.

How rugs are made

Most rugs are made on highly advanced looms that have computerized functions. Handmade rugs, however, are a form of art, so they are not typically used a flooring coverings.

Why should you get an area rug that is machine-made

Rugs that are produced from machines are less expensive and are not a good long-term investment. Though, the biggest benefit to buying a machine-made rug is that the material has qualities that are similar to wool area rugs.

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Understanding the weaving techniques

If you plan to buy an area rug, you must understand the three basic weaves, which are a flat weave, a pile weave, and a hand-tufted weave. Many area rugs are made with a pile weave. The weaver basically ties a tiny piece of yarn around the nearby strands to make a knot on the rug’s surface. Every pile rug is woven with knot; however, different knots are used in various weaving groups.A flat weave does not have any knots. Instead, the strands move in and out each warp strand. Because no piles are present, the surface of the rug is very flat. Hand-tufted rugs are manufactured without any tying knots. Weavers make these rugs by pushing loops of yarn though the backing. Glue holds the tufts in place, and two extra layers are added to the backing for additional support.

Why should you get an area rug today from Tucker's Carpet

There are three reasons why you should get an area rug. If your floor has an annoying stain, you can use a beautiful rug to cover it. During the winter, everyone can keep their feet warm on the rug. Finally, if you need to update a dull space, you can place several rugs on the floor to give the room a pop of color.