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Hardwood flooring is one of the most sought-after floor coverings on the market today, which makes professional hardwood refinishing a very important aspect of the flooring process. The truth is, life happens, and with it, many signs of wear can be left on your floors. Over time, this happens anyway, but certain mishaps can occur making it necessary to refinish your floors more often than might be considered normal. The good news is, you can actually refinish your floors several times over their lifespan, depending on the thickness of your materials.

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When hardwood refinishing needs are evident

If you’ve selected the appropriate wood species, hardwood flooring is usually good for a few decades. However, over time, the need for hardwood refinishing services becomes more and more evident. You might notice water stains, worn spots in your finish, warped boards, or any one of a variety of other issues. The good news is, we can also perform repairs on your hardwood floors during the refinishing process. The end result is a floor that looks brand new all over again.

The hardwood refinishing process is fairly simple. The old finish, stain color, and damaged layers of your wood floors are simply stripped away by sanding. A new, untouched layer is uncovered which can then be re-stained, with a new finish applied. This is a great time to change stain colors or finish types if you prefer. For a homeowner who has previously had a high-gloss finish, a wire brushed or hand scraped finish can often help hide signs of wear. This means you can go longer before needing to have your floors refinished again.

Once you find yourself needing hardwood refinishing services, be sure to stop in to discuss that need with one of our associates. We can tell you all the details and set up an appointment where every detail will be uncovered.