Green products


Why consumers purchase green flooring

Although bamboo flooring is made from grass, it has the same properties of hardwood flooring. If you plan to buy bamboo flooring for your home, you must understand the properties so that you can purchase the proper planks for your specific needs.

Bamboo flooring is ecologically friendly

Bamboo is produced from a bamboo plant, which is a renewable resource. After the plant is harvested, it grows back three to five years later. Once a hardwood tree is chopped down, it will take 20 years before it reaches maturity again.


Cleaning a bamboo floor is relatively easy. You can remove debris by vacuuming it or sweeping it. For tough stains, simply use a damp mop and a non-alkaline floor cleaner



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Bamboo is water resistant

Bamboo will not warp like hardwood material because it is water resistant. So, if someone spills a drink on the floor, the process of removing the stain will be quite easy.

Why green products matter

In the construction industry, the use of environmentally friendly products is a popular trend because too many trees are being chopped down. Many consumers are now purchasing green products that focus on natural evolution.

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Environmentally friendly products are durable

Certain kinds of environmentally friendly products are strong and hard. If you need an extremely durable floor, consider buying un-carbonized bamboo flooring materials. Although this type of bamboo is very strong, strand woven bamboo is much stronger.

Why green flooring costs more than other materials

The cost of bamboo flooring is determined by its level of thickness. Thin planks cost less than thick planks. Manufacturers sell bamboo planks at high prices because the manufacturing process is complicated. Also, since most bamboo plants are harvested in East Asia, making the planks can be time-consuming. However, many people buy green flooring because manufacturers offer warranties. The warranties cover premature wearing and any defects.