Cork flooring services


Cork flooring services

For centuries, homeowners have loved the look and feel of hardwood. Unfortunately, it's harmful to the environment. Hardwood floors require a great deal of lumber, which kills woodland ecosystems. Cork floor coverings are a viable, eco-friendly alternative because it features numerous advantages of hardwood without the harm to the environment that its hardwood counterpart causes. It's affordable and simple to care for.

Design assessment can assist you in preparing an appearance around your floors.

To assist you in determining if cork is right for your house, here are a couple of details:

Cork is considered "green" because of the method in which it’s made. The procedure starts whenever the top levels of bark are eliminated from living Cork Oak woods. The treatment does not harm the tree and can be duplicated every seven to nine many years. This might be a big distinction from the centuries that it can take for woodland to recover from a big elimination of lumber. Cork, therefore, is considered a renewable resource. Cork can be sanded, stained, and completed like hardwood. They're also as effortless to install and will last for many years with appropriate upkeep.

Other advantages to cork flooring include:

Soundproofing. Stop echoing footsteps and muffle noises from music and television by setting cork in your house. This can be a great solution for performers who don't want to disturb the sleep of their family.

Insect Repellant. Cork woods create suberin, a waxy substance that pushes away the creepy crawlers.

Naturally Insulating. You can reduce your power bill by setting up cork floor coverings.

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