Flooring repairs


Flooring repairs

Home disasters have a way of happening when you least expect them. Dishwashers break and leak all over the place, cabinets topple denting the flooring beneath, and there’s no telling what damage kids are capable of causing when left unoccupied for even a moment. When disaster strikes your flooring, Tuckers Carpet is here to repair the damage. We offer repairs on all types of flooring to homes in and the surrounding areas. Your floors will seem good as new by the time we’re done with them.


Cupping, warping, scratching, gouging, even cracking, if it can happen to hardwood floors when Tuckers Carpet has seen it. Moisture, traffic and minor disasters can all take their toll on your beautiful hardwood floors. Tuckers Carpet has the tools to take it back to beautiful. Whether the damage is minor and requires a simple resurfacing, or deeper down requiring a full on refinishing job, we can handle it. We can ever replace individual planks or areas that are damaged beyond repair. If there’s an issue that may cause recurring damage, like moisture in the subflooring, we'll repair that before we service the floors, so you don't have to waste your time on repeated repairs.



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There are a few major issues that can plague carpet after a few years of use, and we can take care of all of them for you. Stains, bubbling and wear are all possible results of the strain that heavy use can take on carpet. Stains can typically be removed with our deep cleaning procedures that scour the dirt from deep within the carpet fibers. The bubbling is a bigger issue.

It’s a result of either improper installation, or a large amount of weight being dragged across the carpet, like when heavy furniture is moved. Fixing it requires a procedure known as "stretching and re-tucking", and once it’s complete, your carpet should look as good as new. The marks from the bubbles may persist for a few days, but after some normal wear and maintenance, they should start to blend in with the other fabric well enough to prevent being noticed.

When the carpet is worn threadbare, which is very rare but possible, the only option is to replace the carpet, which Tuckers Carpet is more than happy to help you with.


Like hardwood, the number one enemy of laminate floors moisture. Though almost all laminate is made with a water resistant wear layer on its surface, the sides and backing are typically a lot more vulnerable. If the water gets to the core of the laminate, that plank will swell and need to be replaced. If you have any extra laminate leftover from the installation of your floors, Tuckers Carpet can take care of the issue quickly and with no stress to you. If you don't have any pieces leftover, you're not completely out of luck. We may carry the same pattern, or something similar enough to use in an inconspicuous area. We're committed to finding solutions for bringing your floors back to their former beauty.
Flooring repairs in Wilmington, DE from Tuckers Carpet LLC

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If you don't see your flooring type on this page, and are wondering if we can repair it, we've got good news! We’re trained and equipped to work on almost all types of flooring, and we welcome questions. Contact us today to find out if your floors need the Tuckers Carpet touch.