Are you ready for laminate?

No matter what type of floor covering you've had in the past, laminate can always be a step in the right direction for your new flooring. It’s gorgeous, durable, and easy to install and keep clean. For all the things it has going for it, you should at least take the time to consider what it can specifically offer your own home. Chances are, you can match your existing decor as well as keep up with the amount of in-house foot traffic you have with ease with this material in place.

Tuckers Carpet LLC serves the communities of Wilmington, Newark, Glasgow, Pennsville, Claymont, and surrounding areas all from our Wilmington, DE showroom floor. There, we have an abundance of floor coverings available for your browsing, as well as professional flooring associates who stand ready to answer any questions you may have about those materials. Since our primary goal is your complete satisfaction, we will make sure to treat your flooring project as if it was our own. Be sure to visit our showroom when you're in the area so that we can show you how easy it is to have a brand new laminate floor.

Quality laminate flooring products and services

Hardwood floor is one of the most popular flooring alternatives on the market, but not everybody can pay for it. For a durable, more environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood, consider laminate flooring…which is not the laminate flooring of the years gone by! Property owners in Greenville, Hockessin and Wilmington can get great discounts on quality laminate and get quick distribution straight to their doors from Tuckers Carpet.

The great thing about laminate is that the upkeep is so minimal -- unlike carpeting (which requires regular shampooing), or hardwood (which requires sanding and refinishing), laminate only needs a brief sweep with a broom or mop – and because it naturally repels dirt, clean-up is easy!

The resources utilized to make laminate have an extremely low effect on the environment. It's lightweight, which makes transporting it from the factory to shops and houses easier and much more efficient. It additionally helps keep houses cool in the summertime, which can reduce power bills.

Laminate is one of the simplest kinds of floors to install – because it "floats," it can be installed over a variety of subfloors, even if the subfloor is not completely level. Numerous laminate manufacturers have actually started making their floors with a tongue and groove system that effortlessly clicks together.

Laminate is a great investment for the home owner who’s on a spending plan. It costs a lot less than big-name flooring addressing like carpeting, hardwood, and tile/travertine. It can be set up without changing subflooring. And quality laminate can last up to ten years!

Order your quality laminate flooring in Greenville, Hockessin and Wilmington from the specialists at Tuckers Carpet and get great low rates on floors!

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Laminate for all your spaces

One of the best things about laminate flooring is that it goes so well in such a variety of spaces. Since it mimics such all natural resources as wood, tile, and stone, you'll have no shortage of options for the look you desire. In each of those categories are more options with regard to color, pattern, design, and texture that can truly help you to create the exact floor of your dreams. At the same time, these appearances will be a perfect match for your existing decor and interior design. Durability will not be found lacking in laminate. In fact, it’s sturdy enough to weather most traffic levels while also resisting scratches, scuffs, stains, and fading. This makes it a perfect material for living rooms, bedrooms, sunrooms and more. With a water-resistant option, you'll find it suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, and anywhere you think spills might happen. For some, that is the entire household, and sometimes, that’s just the peace of mind you need. Laminate is a quick and easy install and you’ll find you never have to relocate while the process is going on. Instead, in just a short time, you'll be left with a floor you can walk on right away.