Installing carpet flooring over tile: Is it possible?

Installing carpet flooring over tile: Is it possible?

One of the main appeals of carpeting is that warm, soft feeling underfoot. You might consider installing a rug, but you wonder if you need to remove the old flooring, especially tile.

This question comes up a lot. It can be done with tile, with some considerations in mind.

Why would you cover up the tile?

Tile is beautiful, stylish, and sophisticated, after all. And more and more homeowners are installing it in living rooms, hallways, and even bedrooms.

But you might decide after all that you want that luxurious feeling in the living room or bedroom that only a soft surface provides. Our carpet store has a large assortment of colors, styles, and fibers from mills like Joy Carpet, Fabrica, Revolution Mills, and more.

Other reasons include the following:

1.Wanting comfort in a basement game or family room.

2.Being a renter who will need to leave the space in the same condition as when move-in occurred. Carpet is easy to pull up without destroying a tile installation.

3.You want nose insulation. You might have infants, children, or shift workers who sleep at odd hours. Carpet has enough cushioning to muffle beeping devices, conversations, and footsteps.

4.You want good traction. The carpet is a non-slip surface, but this floor covering cushions and softens falls.

What happens if tiles are broken or uneven?

Remember, those subfloor imperfections can travel up to the surface and affect the surface's aesthetics and performance.

You'll get that "hollow" sound if the tiles are broken or uneven. The rug might also be bumpy, wrinkly, and not appropriately stretched.

It’s also not good to lay carpeting over tile with extensive grout lines. An example would be a patio floor with terracotta bricks.

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