Can I get pet-friendly carpet flooring?

Can I get pet-friendly carpet flooring?

Today there’s no reason to think you can’t have carpeting if you have pets. They all come with extra stain resistance and durability.

Some mills have unique pet versions, such as Proximity Mills, Geoffrey Hirst, and Doma have pet-friendly versions. You'll find these names and more at our showroom.

Am I better off with a natural or synthetic?

Both are good choices, but you need to weigh the pros and cons. This ultimately depends on how much you value specific characteristics.

Wool is natural. This soft surface floor covering is tough and soft and has natural oils with tiny scales that flick away the dirt. There are no VOCs, chemicals, or toxins in a natural product.

Synthetics: Sometimes seem like the more practical choice

These tend to be more stain-resistant. Thanks to thinner fibers, they are often soft.

Top synthetics are nylon, polyester, olefin (polypropylene), and triexta. Best to discuss this with experts at our carpet store.

Also, look at the style

Carpets come in all styles, from the high pile shag and patterned cut loops to the low pile and commercial-style carpets. Low-pile rugs are easiest to care for and somewhat more durable.

Berbers are also an excellent choice. However, be mindful that pet nails can sometimes catch and snag.

Consider color

I love the story from a flooring expert who said a potential customer kept gravitating toward white carpeting. She had four very active kids and two pets.

Some colors, like medium brown, hide dirt and stains better. Also, think of your pets, especially if they shed.

Helping customers make the best decisions

A flooring installer owns Tuckers Carpet. That means you can be sure that anyone he chooses for installation is top-notch!

Carpet flooring is glamorous and elegant and comes with countless advantages. Visit our showroom in Wilmington, DE, so that we can tell you more. In addition, we work with homeowners and businesses in Newark, Glasgow, Pennsville, and Claymont.